OUT OF STOCK! Pendleton Spirit World Blanket - Cedar

OUT OF STOCK! Pendleton Spirit World Blanket - Cedar
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Made exclusively for Dewey Trading Company, this special blanket was designed by Susan Point, one of the most well known of the Coast Salish artists.

Susan Point describes this work of art- This Spirit World image is meant to reflect constant Renewal which completes the circle of my Salish People. The spirit of our ancestors as well as the spirit of the whale, salmon and wolf people, including all animals that share our spirit world, remain in balance with the spirit of the land. In this image, the positive space is created by the negative space and vice versa, created by a Salish whale motif.

The colors in this distinctive blanket are cedar and black, with black binding. Of superior quality, this blanket is manufactured by Pendleton Woolen Mills of 82% pure virgin wool and 18% cotton. Also available in black and white. Unnapped. Dry clean only.

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